semen or vaginal fluids Erexcin  fellatio that is mouth to penis touch and cunnilingus mouth to vulva contact can not be considered to be completely safe practices. You skip on micro organism, bloodless and flu viruses with change of body fluids. There is a hazard of transmitting gonorrhea from the penis to the throat and the other way round too. It's miles continually endorsed to have you tested after few months of getting oral intercourse. All of us recognize that hiv is generally transmitted sexually via penile-anal intercourse. The female is at a more hazard but the male partner (character setting his penis into the anus) can also get infected. Hiv infection is usually transmitted sexually due to penile-vaginal intercourse. But maximum people are at a doubt whilst the query is of oral sex. A lot of us aren't certain that at the same time as having oral intercourse with the alternative gender there are probabilities of hiv to be t.