Grinding Gear Games hosted a new live broadcast for Path of Exile 2 on Thursday. The studio also announced a new Ultimatum extension to Path of Exile, which will be released on April 16.

Grinding Gear Games divided its live broadcast into multiple parts, starting with the new "Path of Exile 2" trailer and expanded game part, and then into "Ultimatum atum." Then, the studio had a Q&A session with ZiggyD, a popular Path of Exile YouTuber.

"Path of Exile 2" was first announced at ExileCon in 2019, so Grinding Gear Games founder Chris Wilson started the promotion by addressing the team's long-standing radio silence. Wilson talked about the scope of the game, the team's desire to join a new campaign, and several major system overhauls of the game, including POE Currency. In a Q&A conducted by Wilson with Polygon and other news outlets earlier this week, the development of Path of Exile 2 has not reached half, but the studio is in production.

The trailer shows several new game clips and locations in the new Vastiri Desert location, which is the second major location after Ogham Island’s Path of Exile 2, which first appeared at ExhamCon 2019.

The showcase shows several different areas of the Vastiri Desert area, as well as a huge new station wagon, which guides players between the different areas of their choice. However, the star in the showcase is the two new weapon types of Path of Exile 2: Spear and Cross.

Both weapon types have inherent skills specific to that weapon type. For example, the spear displayed in the showcase provides the player with the ability to whirl and slash, which creates a storm near the player. Leaving the storm will cause it to explode in a certain area, which is another inherent ability of the spear to make it easier: Buy POE Currency allows the player to fly backwards and throw swords at the enemy. Cross is also unique and can be replaced with different elements or armor piercing bolts according to combat requirements. Wilson told the media that the studio is not sure which old weapon types (if any) will have similar inherent skills.