Path of Exile is currently embroiled in a controversy caused by the disastrous launch of a new expansion and the strong opposition to preferential treatment of anchors. The popular action role-playing game has launched an ultimatum expansion pack. Here, players risk getting coveted rewards in increasingly difficult trials. There is an element of competition here, and those who reach the highest map first are expected to dominate the game economy in the next few months. These players will also take the lead in the fight for the most valuable POE Currency, which is given to those who complete the ladder.

But the ultimatum was launched disastrously, making it impossible for people to play the game. "To say the least, this version is difficult," lead developer Chris Wilson said in an article on the Path of Exile subreddit. According to Wilson, from the beginning of the championship, the queue has become extremely slow, so slow that everyone needs at least two hours to participate in the game. why? There is a "human error", which means that a major "maintenance migration" process is not running, making the queue "unbearable" by slow emptying.

Grinding Gear Games completely disabled the switch, which solved the queue speed issue for about an hour, but at the moment "freaked out" and left most players, and then continued to do so about every 10 minutes. Break time. "Not good. Not good at all," Wilson said. "In addition to destroying our release history, this confuses us completely because we are very careful about changes to the domain infrastructure."

Even though Grinding Gear Games is working hard to resolve this issue, the issue still exists. "We will continue to solve this problem until the server is fully operational," Wilson said. That little bastard is just guessing what is causing the current problem? " Buy POE Currency can solve many small difficulties in the game for you.