As we said, there are only three proven ways you can get the best players and create the best team in Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team. Following is how you get an edge in your Ultimate Team mode.

Have a Few Hundred Dollars Laying Around?

Well, the best yet most expensive way is to spend money. You can buy packs that can unlock the best players but the picks are random. It works the same way the FIFA Ultimate Team works. You spend plenty of money and cross your fingers.

While this is an option, we do not recommend this as we don’t support microtransactions. You’ll be drained before you know it but there is a way to control it if you are adamant at putting together the best team without much effort.

Create a budget and do not go above it. If you get the players you need, great if not, there are other ways.

Well, the best way and the one we recommend is grinding the solos. Solo battles are back in Madden 20 Ultimate Team and can bring you a plethora of MUT. Each week in Madden Ultimate Team 20 there are four new AI teams in Solo battles. Your team will face any one of these teams and earn as much Battle Points as possible.

These Battle Points will determine which reward you get every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before a complete refresh happens.

Practice makes perfect, remember? The more you play the better you can get at beating teams that’ll destroy you on paper. Madden is the kind of game that requires time and dedication if you are new to the franchise. If you are interested in learning more about the game or buy Madden Coins , then be sure to check